This is a Magical Spell Use Spell

Pre-requisite: Lore Spell

Wizard only Spell

This spell prepares an item to be enchanted.

Cast the spell and hold the item in your right hand and target.

The item will now be pulsing and ready to receive the enchantment

Maximum charges that go into an item are figured by base price/100. Also see Enchanting Items

item name charges
bone rod 1
wood rod 3
iron rod 5
copper rod 7
silver rod 10
walking cane 50
simple copper ring 2
simple iron ring 4
simple silver ring 8
simple gold ring 16
fire ring 8
ice ring 8
storm ring 8
ring of poison resistance 8
ring of entangle resistance 8
white pearl ring 12
aquamarine ring 18
silver wedding band 20
agate ring 20
ruby ring 24
ring of protection 24
sapphire ring 30
emerald ring 38
golden bracelet 2
shimmering aquine bracelet 19
elaborate silver bracelet 20
shimmering agate bracelet 21
shimmering emerald bracelet 39
shimmering ruby bracelet 25
shimmering sapphire bracelet 31
shimmering diamond bracelet 51
sparkling necklace 1
aquamarine necklace 18
agate necklace 20
ruby necklace 24
sapphire necklace 30
emerald necklace 38
diamond necklace 50
Spell Information
Spell Name: Enchant Item Spell Number: 103 Spell Type: Magic Pre-Requisite: Lore Description: This spell will allow you to begin placing an enchantment into an item. Target yourself to ready the item in your right hand.